Johnny Linebarger

CEO & Director of Training

Johnny Linebarger is a licensed martial sciences instructor and specializes in Adaptive Personal Protection Training programs for civilians. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Police Self-Defense Institute.

As a successful business owner and entrepreneur for more than thirty years, Mr. Linebarger has helped many businesses throughout the country to restructure and grow in the martial arts. He is a specialist in creating, organizing and optimizing programs and training systems.

Mr. Linebarger has more than forty years of experience. This includes more than nine years with the USAF as a specialist in Aerospace Security, Air Base Ground Defense, US Customs, Quality Control and Evaluations of Top Secret and Priority A personnel, facilities, and resources.

He is best known, in the martial arts world, as one of our nation’s most outstanding sport karate competitors, a three-time All-American and winner of nine World titles. Additionally, Mr. Linebarger served as a member of the coaching development committee for the US Olympic Committee. He has been called on many times to help develop and implement programs for the governing body for sports karate under the banner of the USOC and the IOC.

For more detailed information on Mr. Linebarger’s credentials, select the following links:

Martial Resume
Law Enforcement/Military Resume

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